Super Nintendo Games – More Mesmerizing and Classical Games

Games are what make most of the people going. The idea of sitting on a laptop after a hectic day and playing to your heart’s content is a most charming one indeed. There was a time when teenagers and kids were the only ones into this seductive item. They used to waste their study time in trying to defeat electronic demons and winning a marathon and sometimes even missed the actual outings because their super hero was apparently stuck in some distant and inaccessible place.

With time however, even elders have been hauled by the strong pull of graphics. Many middle-aged men would battle their sons or friends on play-stations and actually celebrate their victory after that. What’s more? Many grandparents have been seen sitting glued to the laptops as well!

What are different types of games available?

Games are classified on the basis of their genre. They can be both serious and funny and their type is exactly what defines their demand, including their market. Version of the game also dictates the age group of users that play it, however this has been an incorrect term lately as people of all decades play almost all types of games.
Following are the basic types of games available:

Racing series. These include spinning your vehicle through misshapen roads and excessively curved streets in order to reach the destination sooner than the other. Vehicle can be either a bike or a racing car and may even at times be an aircraft.
Crime series. Here you get to hunt down the criminals, save the innocent civilians and rescue people from burning buildings. This genre is mostly craved by the teenage boys for whom military weapons are nothing less than a charm.
Cartoon series. These games use cartoon graphics to make themselves catchy for little kids and children. Such games mostly include jumping or roaming across the forest to gobble down food and clear levels.

What are Super Nintendo games?

As time has passed, there has been development and changes in literally every nook and corner of technology. This includes the gaming world as well where extraordinary graphics are now available. Super Nintendo games however are more classical versions and are loved most dearly by the conventional game users. They use the plain 16 bit graphics to mesmerize the people attracted to olden times and stir in them the memories of childhood experiences. Unlike the modern games of today, they use only a single type of music tone which soothes the nerves and calms anxiety.

Uncharted – Drake’s Fortune

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was a first for gaming. The levels moved as you frantically jumped over each surface, but more importantly was the story.

The main character, Nathan Drake, is a supposed descendent of the great explorer Sir Francis Drake, a fact which he proves at the beginning of the game by finding the drowned coffin of the legendary sailor and proving it’s empty, suggesting he faked his death. This is where the game makes its anchor, and from here everything is highly plausible, which is exactly what every game before Uncharted has failed to do. This discovery is followed quickly by an intense shoot out, in which Nate shows Elena, his reporter acquaintance just how to fend off Panamanian pirates.

The game grows in scale as the story progresses, taking Nate to an Uncharted island off the coast of Africa, where an entire city has been claimed by the sea. He is followed however by another treasure hunter also in search of his ancestor’s final treasure. The ending of the story is a classic tale of treasure not being worth found, because the giant golden statue everyone has been seeking is actually filled with a terrible disease. In the final hours the enemy tries to take the disease to sell it on the black market, but Nate stops him and saves the day and gets the girl, the classic adventure tale.

The game is filled with funny banter between the two characters on screen, which has always been a strength of the developers, Naughty Dog in previous series Jak and Daxter, and future games Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. What makes the difference with all of these games is the fact that all of them are firmly based on facts found in the modern day.

Uncharted Drake’s Fortune was the beginning of an era in gaming, and many developers have sought to mimic the work since its release. Apart from the great story and action gameplay filled with fighting and shooting, the game also supplies a huge abundance of breathtaking climbing sequences. The climbing for the game is more real than anything ever seen in other similar games such as Tomb Raider, with Nate appearing to physically feel the effect of his momentum when he comes to an abrupt stop on a rock, having just flown through the air.

Overall the game is filled with hair raising climbs, tense action sequences and very enjoyable shooting, with a story that will leave anyone eager for more.

The Best Group and Family Games for PS3

It’s simply awesome to be able to play your favorite games on your PS3 non-stop, but having a PS3 is even better if you can enjoy it with other people. If you’re looking for something new to do with your friends on a boring Friday night or an activity that will help promote family bonding, you can play fun group games on your PS3. Not only will you have other people to compete with and know who the better player is, but it also ensures endless hours of fun, excitement and some real bonding.

Here are some of the best PS3 group and family games you can try playing:

Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz

Developed by Relentless Software and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz is a party game, the first Buzz game that features PS3 Move support. It is an awesome group game that can accommodate up to 8 players. The game features excellent core quizzing, bringing out all players’ competitive side. Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz also has a feature called “Paperface” wherein players can make use of the Play Station Eye Camera to take a picture of themselves for use in the in-game characters. This is definitely a fun game to play at a party or during a chill bonding night.

Start the Party!

Formerly named Move Party, Start the Party! is an augmented reality party game that suits all ages. The game was developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game provides plenty of augmented reality mini-games such as painting and bug-swatting, providing any group with clean, simple fun. The game starts with the players snapping a picture of themselves using the Play Station Eye which will be used for their in-game character. This fun PS3 game is perfect for days with the family especially if you have youngsters in the house.


If you and your friends love the classic Monopoly game, then you’ll enjoy this virtual edition. Developed by EA Bright Light and published by Electronic Arts, the game proceeds exactly like the much-loved board game. Enjoy a night with friends or family playing Monopoly on PS3 and find out who will come out the richest!

Sing Star

Who wouldn’t enjoy a fun night with the people you love singing your heart out? Apparently, your PS3 can also double as a top-range videoke machine that ensures endless hours of musical fun. Developed by London Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, players need to score points while singing along to songs in a music video. The best thing about the game is that it’s compatible to Eye Toy and Play Station Eye Cameras that enables players to see themselves while singing.

So whether you’re into competitive group games or just plain fun with your family or friends, use your PS3 as your source of entertainment and you are ensured that each and every one in your group will have a grand time.